Vince Villano

Vince Villano was born and raised in Italy.
His mum was a hard worker and a great cook. She taught him how to cook traditional Italian food. When they moved to Australia he continued his passion for cooking by becoming a chef and working in many restaurants across Australia. Now he wants to share a little part of the Italian cuisine, inspired by traditional and original recipes, which is why he began Villano’s Gourmet.
Food is a big part of the Italian culture, as well as, sharing it with family and friends, which is why Villano’s Gourmet products have been created to to be shared and enjoyed with the people you love. This product is perfect for antipasto platters, cheese boards, or just on it’s own with fresh bread with a glass of wine. Or, don’t have to share it with anyone because sometimes somethings are too good to be shared…
Maker of fine foods using traditional recipes with only the best ingredients.
Manufactures of jams and marinated vegetables
• Gluten Free
• Preservative Free
• Suitable for Vegan
• Suitable for Vegetarian
• All Natural Ingredients
• Made in South Australia
• Hand made
Available Gluten free, Suitable for vegetarian and vegan.